6 Top Marketing Books You Should Read To Become A Great Marketer

Are you overwhelmed by finding a lot of books on marketing?

Do you want to understand marketing reading only few books by saving your precious time?

Do you want to become a great marketer in less time?


If your answer is yes, this is the perfect place for you.


Most of the people spend a lot of time reading books which do not yield much more return. These are the kinds of books that can be skipped too by reading much more knowledgeable and top books on that field.


Nowadays we have a lots of options to choose from and you must be selective one by choosing the right books through which you can save your much more time for taking actions.

Let`s dive into:


1)  Marketing Management By Philip Kotler And Keller

Marketing Management By Philip Kotler Book

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Philip Kotler is known as father of marketing. He has taken marketing to the next level. He has wrote all the essential marketing concept you need to understand in marketing management book. It is one of the top marketing books in marketing field.


This is the most important book for those who want to do something great in marketing field. It offers you wide variety of topics to learn and build your strong marketing foundation.


If you want to understand marketing in depth with samples, case studies and marketing memo, this book will help you a lot.

This is the “must read” book for you.

2)  Building A Story Brand By Donald Miller

Building A Story Brand By Donald Miller Book

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In this book, Miller has captured the process to make your marketing message standout in large crowd of marketing message. Donald Miller has stated brilliant storybrand framework which has now become the playbook for everything people now do that is marketing related.

The story brand framework will help you create sales message that people listen and respond to.


Concepts in this book will help you and your business standout through the power of story. And, Story is the most effective way to engage people.


This is the book you should read once.


3) Experts Secrets By Russell Brunson

Expert Secrets By Russell Brunson Book

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Expert Secret is a book about creating a marketing plan and executing it. It includes numerous experts which will help you to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

This book helps you to pack your knowledge, skills, and expertise into a buyable format for your audience.


It is the most essential book to read for marketers.


4)  Positioning By Al Ries And Jack Trout

Positioning Book

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Positioning is the special type of book on marketing you should read.

In this book, Ries and trout states that positioning is not what you do to product but positioning is what you do to the mind of prospect. You position the product in the mind of the prospect.


Furthermore, this book states that securing a worthwhile position in the mind of prospect is most important to get ahead in the overcrowded world.

5) Traffic Secrets By Russell Brunson

Traffic Secrets By Russell Brunson Marketing Book

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Traffic Secrets is a compilation of marketing strategies used by Russell Brunson and his team in growing click funnels to a US$ 100 million company. It provides a good introduction to strategies, tools, and techniques used by growth hacking marketers to scale their businesses.


This book helps you to generate more traffic through the strategies and techniques mentioned there.


6) 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing By Al Ries And Jack Trout

The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing Book

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22 Immutable laws of marketing include 22 laws that need to be followed by the marketers otherwise their violation can do great damage to you.

The laws mentioned in the book will determine the success or failure of your products and ultimately, your company. You will get to read about company who had violated laws and suffered a lot.


I think it is the most important book you should read because these violations of laws can do damage to your business.


Finally, you have completed reading 6 Top Marketing Books. Knowledge contained in these books are much powerful. If you will read these books and implement these concepts you will become a great marketer.

No matter what, truth is truth. Ultimately Nothing is going to happen if you don`t take actions.


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Happy Reading!!

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